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Discovering Your
Inner Healing Journey

About Section

Shamanism is a path of personal healing and transformation. It is a path of power where you discover who you truly are, what connections with Spirit are waiting for you, and how to heal.

Michelle is a Shamanic healer and practitioner who assists others in achieving well-being, health, and happiness. She specializes in journeying, healing, divination, and reclaiming positive energy that has been lost throughout your lifetime.

Forest Path
Flying eagles in the mountains
Native Drums


Michelle is trained in Core Shamanism and the Toltec Path to Freedom and Transformation. She serves the community by helping you heal and let go of negativity. She teaches you how to really connect with the guidance that is waiting to assist you.


When you know who you are you are free to be the person you were born to be. You do not fear letting go of what doesn't serve your experience of love, peace and joy.


All services are available in person in Bend, Oregon and Worldwide via phone or zoom.

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