"Michelle helped me and I was able to confront and balance a very difficult relationship with a longtime friend. I was able to see that my boundaries were allowing toxicity into my life and affecting my health. Michelle saw with clarity what was happening with my energy. She helped me shift out of the darkness, completely change my behavior, and heal my body, mind and spirit which also led to an increase in my business." 

Elizabeth, Kentucky


"The painting I bought interacts not only with my life but with the lives of my children and my clients during zoom calls. My painting "talks" to me every day and it has a life of its own which brings me and my clients joy." 

Teresa, Los Angeles  


"How Michelle paints magnifies the Earth's energy and grounds my life and the life of my family."

Shelley, California



"This painting is so alive that one of my young children tried to walk directly into it!"

Eric, San Luis Obispo


"Michelle allows the birthing of many things with great grace and no attachment to outcome. In the time I've known and worked with her, she has not once ever taken an ownership stance over anything she's done or created."

Ada, Ecuador