On the Road as a Spirit Pioneer

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

In the first blog on my newly-launched website, I want to talk about being a Spirit Pioneer...

A Spirit Pioneer is someone who is discovering the new territory of consciousness that is available to all of us at this time. This new consciousness has never been discovered before and we are pioneering our way without a previously used map and without past explorations. The reason for this is because the new, Aquarian Age, territory of consciousness exists in the Now and the now needs no reference point to exist. It is always available to step into. Always unfolding anew.

Though there have been civilizations on our planet with high levels of consciousness such as Atlantis, we are not accessing, at this time, the past in order to define our present. And the future has not been created. We always create reality in the present moment and the Now defines what unfolds in our own lives. The new territory of consciousness available to discover are the landscapes of Love, Joy, Playfulness, Peace, Health, Longevity. These territories are presenting themselves for us to explore, or not, at this time. The way we make a choice is by being aware of what is unfolding in the present moment and aligning with what we wish to experience. Are we choosing blame, or peace? Hate, or love? Dis-ease, or Health?

Every story, every moment, every happening has a variety of frequencies that we can choose to engage with in that moment. A pioneer is exploring new ways of being in the world so a better world can unfold. The old patterns of blame, negativity, difficulty, stress, fear and anxiety are familiar mind patterns that we are being asked to consider letting go of and closely watching how much time we spend with those energies. We know them very, very well, yet, they are dissociative and disconnected from who we truly Be. This is why they feel so uncomfortable to us and cause us pain. Our inner nature is not aligned with those energies.

All of us are Spirit, living in a body...a piece of the Spirit of God on earth at this time. We were made by God/Source/Universe, which is the vibration of pure Love. That which Is. And That vibration is not compatible with the energies that fall under the heading of negativity. When we engage with negative energy we feel out-of-sorts. We feel at odds with ourselves and with others. When we look at all of nature around us, everything that God created, we can see that there is a constant thread that runs through. It is in perfect alignment with itself and therefore it does not suffer. That is who we are, too. We are capable of interacting with life and responding in each moment without drama and difficulty.

I was given the name Spirit Pioneer in 2018 by a group I channel named The Council of 13. They encouraged me to understand that our birthright is to be happy and the time has come to embrace this truth and lead the way. They explained that the art of living happily in the New World is to become playful and interactive with what is always unfolding and become unstuck from past and future attachments. The magic happens in the moment! This truly is an art -- a flow of consciousness that moves like a river always back to You. This flow begins with a thought, word, or action that then will manifest itself in the physical form and ground itself onto the earth plane.

I invite you to be a conscious part of this unfolding. To ask yourself if you are open to connecting deeply with your Spirit that lives in the Now and allowing, learning and trusting the ways in which you can engage with that energy as it moves from the inside out. I can guarantee you that you will feel more authentic, more at ease, more at peace with yourself, and with others, than you ever have. Thank you and I look forward to connecting again very soon!

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