Deleting Old Patterns

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

The 13 know the time is now to form a clear connection with our capacity to let go of old patterns locked in our DNA and let body and mind vibe at a higher frequency.

What we wish to speak of today is revolutionary when it comes to patterns and the repetition of a structure that is held in the mind and body. We find such fascination with the patterns that humans love to embrace as a safe place for so many of you. Your world is based around forming patterns and how they predict and influence your future.

We wish to plant within you the truth that patterns, in higher frequencies of consciousness, do not exist because of their limitations. As frequency and vibration increases all moves from realms of science and predictable results into what can only be described as Magic -- no patterns leading to predetermined results. No projections or formulas to live by. This world of magic we are "turning on" within you as a possibility and as a reality (when it becomes such for you) is the existence outside of patterns.

The purpose of a pattern is to lock the Being within its structure. Where humanity is headed (for those who choose this journey), there will be no structure that you will define yourselves by. Your understanding of life will be through the lenses of health, well being, joy, creative expression, love for oneself and for all. It does us no purpose to project our knowing of this kind of living too strongly into your mind at this time but, we do wish to speak to the part of your inner reality that craves the letting go of the restrictive living you have lived and knows there is freedom that is your most true potential.

To move from patterns and structure into freedom means leaving the old behind and embracing the Spirit and Source within from which no pattern can define. This expansive energy of purest radiant health and wisdom is coming forward in your DNA and your mind and body and is growing from the seeds you planted eons ago.

All that comes from Source knows that now is the time and the greatest change humanity has ever be given the opportunity to embrace is here right now. As we speak these words to you, we help unlock the patterns of old resistance and old fears and deep suffering and allow you to simply make the space to let them go. Where you are headed they cannot exist as they are a part of an old paradigm that has kept humanity restricted.

In the Human reality to come, there will only be experience from the point of magic and creation. Each tiny bit of momentum towards your freedom (that you choose) releases stuck patterns and brings you quantumly closer to the gifts inside that long to be integrated and experienced.

We wish to say that all is perfect and you will transform and that you are safe on this journey of self-discovery. There is no need to push or rush anything. Simply, and with a simple, easy mind, allow what you are to move into the foreground We see there is a simple understanding of this transition and that some fear and some grief will arise. Have faith that all is as it should be and let this Spirit that you are lead the way as it is fully capable of doing.

Humanity has felt for a long, long time that it is alone and operating in a world without support or love. This could not be further from the truth and, as you unlock these patterns within and let them go as they arise, you will feel more empowered and more of who you truly are. At a certain point you will see yourself as we see you...perfect, happy, and strong on your path of inner discovery.

We love you and are always here for you. You are One with us and your wisdom and your inner Spirit gives to us as much as we give to you. I'm sure you can understand that we would not be here if you did not exist. We bow to you and see your magnificence.

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