Chaos Cannot Win

Today, The 13 wish to speak about chaos and a new way to view what is going on in your world at this time.

Chaos is the natural order of the Universe that is constantly unfolding in the now moment. Chaos only seems like “chaos” when run it through the mind and mental constructs which create a polarization between the mind's definition of chaos and it's desire for order.

In the Universal sense, everything is chaos. Look out the window at this moment here in Oregon. The snow is coming down. Notice the utter chaos in the snow flurry. No two snowflakes are the same. Everything is unique and therefore always in flux and an expression of that uniqueness.

Chaos, today, as seen through the eyes of the human means that they feel they have lost control over their lives. Everything has been shifted from order and sureness into the not known. This feels like chaos but is simply the change from order into newness. Chaos, in the human term -- meaning out of control, causing fear and concern -- definitely cannot win. The human is evolving towards the acceptance that chaos is beauty, spontaneity, the unknown, and always changing. The human today is very challenged by this concept, yet when people’s energy begins to ascend and they step away from fear-defining thoughts and old or ancient patterns stuck in their DNA, they will find they are more open to allowing chaos and that their confidence with chaos comes from deep within, from a place called trust -- the undying part of each human being that is timeless and has no awareness of chaos because everything just is.

This Being that is within each and every one of us simply cannot experience things the same as the mind. This inner beingness simply is everything, is eternal, never changing and always here and available for deep wisdom, understanding and integration. There is nothing that would suggest chaos or fear or uncertainty from this part of who you are. As we see, what causes chaos, and why it cannot win, is the identification with the mind and all the stories it tells us. These are fantasies. They are unreal because the biggest part of you has complete trust in exactly what is unfolding. And, complete trust leads to utter harmony and love. It is the golden thread that weaves everything together with cohesion.

Therefore, as the new human learns to remember that this vastness lives within them. As each one of you, in your own way and time, comes into contact with You, an out-breath of contentment will be experienced by all of humanity and chaos will eventually transform into complete serenity, creativity, peace and love for all that is…which is you! You are All That Is. You, each and every one of you, is That. That which simply is. That which cannot be explained but can be experienced. That which creates its experience and its own work of art as each one of you. Chaos, being something to be managed, corralled, fixed, controlled, is an illusion. It doesn’t really exist, only that your mind may tell you so.

We, The 13 invite you to sit with us and experience yourself as we experience you. We have such joy that this topic is even being contemplated and today another layer of wisdom is being ignited within you because you, who sit with us in energetic alliance in this high state of consciousness, you know deep down inside you this is true. You and we, are One. You have come to the place on the road where chaos doesn’t need to be solved or fixed but, simply let it be. In that way, as you can see with us, chaos becomes just another moment that shifts again and again into the playfulness that it is.

We, the Council, wish to thank you for as you read these words you step into remembering. You unlock your inner wisdom and you “see” yourself as you are. We are One. We are all of us masters of light. We bring this channeling to you today because you are ready to receive and ready to become more of who you are.

We love you, we love you, we love you!!

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