Professional Artist, Certified Consciousness Activator, Mind Mastery Teacher and Founder of Spirit Pioneer, Michelle combines ancient wisdom with Spirit-led guidance to facilitate the raising of consciousness and shifts for your life. 

Michelle Marie Frandsen is an artist and a certified mystic, intuitive, and healer. After two decades of art and healing work with people in San Diego, Michelle shifted her practice when her Spirit guided her to make profound changes, eventually coming more into alignment with her gifts of art and energy activation transmissions and creating her own playful and mindful human consciousness brand, Spirit Pioneer®.

Combining creativity, positivity, guidance from Spirit and ancient wisdom, Michelle’s work highlights how in every moment we can connect with the inner love and peace that we are and that connection is the power that transform us. 
Her art and one-on-one interactions provides a roadmap to how your energy can give you specific insight into the transformation that is ready to take place, including which thoughts, beliefs, and patterns to release so that you can lead yourself to vibe higher. Think of it as self-transformational healing, for your sake and for the sake of all! 
Through Spirit Pioneer®, Michelle offers original art, soul expression paintings, channeled messages, remote readings and healings, and free resources. 
Her articles and recordings provide wisdom for conscious living. Michelle's energy, that flows through all that she does, is a source that invites and activates your highest consciousness to come out and play. 
Michelle received her BS from the University of Southern California, her mindfulness training from the 3HO Organization and Kerala Ayurveda, and is a certified Intuitive Energy Reader, Healer, Channel, and Activator through top experts in the field. 


Michelle's mission is for all humans to know, consciously connect with, and Be the beautiful Spirit that they are and that they came to Earth to discover.