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The Shamanic Journey is an experience of your connection with Power Animals and Nature Spirits in the Lower World and Loving Spirits in the Upper World. You learn to "travel" to these Worlds for guidance, power, insight, and support. Journeying leads to deep trust by showing you what is real and what is true.

Each Journey is unique to the individual because we are all unique Beings with our own Spirit-led guidance. No two journeys are alike. Spirit's guidance comes to you with wisdom for your highest good.



(typically one hour in person, zoom, or phone) 

Native Drums
Touching the Surface


Michelle's connection to her Spirit Guides allows her to retrieve answers to your questions (Divination) and the healing you seek. She is the hollow bone for Spirit to connect with you in a loving, healing flow of energy. You will receive information and insights that assist you in moving forward with more ease and positivity.

It is possible to change your life and experience a new sense of freedom and purpose. Healing and Divination is the Shamanic Practitioner's role in the community and Michelle is happy to offer this service to you.



(typically one hour in person, zoom, or phone) 


Homes, buildings, and land can experience negative and/or stuck energies. A prior disaster, sickness, death or loss can leave an energetic imprint that stays in the space until cleared. Michelle skillfully and compas-sionately encourages and guides these stuck energies to release so they have the opportunity to evolve. When cleared, they can let go of their imprint on your life. Joy and positivity can return to you, your space and to the land when the energy is clear and clean. 




Bring your power back!

Trauma, loss, grief, divorce, sickness, surgery, abuse, intense fear, and anything that causes a great shock to ourselves can result in Soul loss. Soul Retrieval is a Shamanic practice that brings back the lost pieces of your Soul to re-integrate them in this lifetime. 

If you have ever felt "that a part of me is missing," powerless, overly negative and despairing, addicted, suicidal, "just not quite right," and you cannot clearly understand why you feel this way, you may have some soul pieces of your Being that are missing.

In our modern societies, at this time, it would be hard to find someone who has not experienced soul loss.

Symptoms and Signs of Soul Loss:

  • Memory of not being the same after something has happened

  • Perpetually disempowered

  • Lots of issues with memory and not remembering 

  • Hard to make a decision or needing someone to help or decide for you

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Feeling like you came into the world missing something

  • Ongoing grief that doesn't change

  • Issues with not being able to give and receive love

  • Not trusting your personal truth


(typically one hour in person, zoom, or phone) 


As a trained shamanic practitioner, Michelle can act as a psychopomp, a conductor of souls, to help assist in the process of dying and guiding the soul to the light.


If someone you know is dying or has passed and you believe their soul could benefit from loving assistance moving to the light, please contact Michelle.

Psychopomp is one of the traditional roles of the Shaman because they are concerned with the human soul and can be a bridge that guides the soul's passage during or after death.

White Sand and Stone
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