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Open Your Heart...

We are born whole and free. Over time we have experiences that form emotional patterns. The stronger the emotion, the more rigid the thinking is around a particular issue. We may become less willing to trust and be vulnerable.


On the Toltec Path to Freedom there is a Shamanic tool called The Art of Recapitulation that allows you to release the past on an energetic level. Recapitulation teaches what awareness is and what the barriers to awareness are. You learn a simple breathing process to consciously let go of limiting patterns and reclaim the innate energy and power lost during your lifetime. You become whole and free again.


There are few practices as profound and unique as Recapitulation. This tool guides you on the path to awareness as you reconnect with your lifeline in a way that brings peace and sets you free from habitual patterns, fears and judgments. Once learned, recapitulation can be used at any time to set yourself free from past experiences and come into the now.

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