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Bring your power back!

Trauma, loss, grief, divorce, sickness, surgery, abuse, intense fear, and anything that causes a great shock to ourselves can result in Soul loss. Soul Retrieval is a Shamanic practice that brings back the lost pieces of your Soul to re-integrate them in this lifetime. 

If you have ever felt "that a part of me is missing," powerless, overly negative and despairing, addicted, suicidal, "just not quite right," and you cannot clearly understand why you feel this way, you may have some soul pieces of your Being that are missing.

In our modern societies, at this time, it would be hard to find someone who has not experienced soul loss.

Symptoms and Signs of Soul Loss:

  • Memory of not being the same after something has happened

  • Perpetually disempowered

  • Lots of issues with memory and not remembering 

  • Hard to make a decision or needing someone to help or decide for you

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Feeling like you came into the world missing something

  • Ongoing grief that doesn't change

  • Issues with not being able to give and receive love

  • Not trusting your personal truth


(typically one hour in person, zoom, or phone) 

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