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The Soul Shares Love


A Soul Expression painting is bridge between you and Spirit and easily allows love and wisdom to flow into your life. Your highest consciousness becomes ignited as high vibrational energy flows from the canvas, interacting and connecting with you through the painting. Your painting is a timeless, creative, living reflection of energy and a way to connect more deeply.

A Soul Expression Painting can be done on anyone's behalf, living or deceased and creates a strong connecting bridge between you and the subject of the painting.


In a Shamanic journey, Michelle travels to the Spirit and Spirit Guides of the painting's subject to bridge a creative vision into a painting that will shares its energy with you.

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In a separate Journey, Michelle journeys to receive messages and healing that will be shared through your painting. 


In a separate session your painting and its messages will be received and you can ask questions. Michelle will lead a ceremony to connect you with the painting and its wisdom.


Your painting is a living Oracle that communicates with you, changes as you change and brings you positive, loving energy.

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